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I have been out in the rockstar for the last few months and it is sweet! I wasnt expecting to love the new boat as much as i did. But i have an easier time doing everything. The boat is so fun and awesome that for the first 2 weeks. I used the medium rockstar over the carbon all star at the dries. I used the medium rockstar here at rock island over the star. Even though it doesnt look like much of a change to the eye. You will fell the power once your in it. The first main thing i noticed is just how loose it is. Everybody knows that clean spins and grinds are two of the coolest tricks. Two of my favorite anyways. But most of the time you cant do them unless your on a wave like buseater or skookumchuck or high tension. Big smooth waves. But because of the better hull we have been grinding and clean spinning all the little waves. Who woulda thunk you could grind waves that are smaller than you. But this also means that beginners who are in this boat will have an easier time being in control and learning their spins. Another great thing is the 2 more gallons in the stern. The boat will feel more balanced on everything that you come off the stern. Cartwheels, tricky woos, back loops etc. Cartwheels you will have an easier time with because of the bigger stern. When you come around on the cartwheels you will be higher out of the water on the stern and be able to smash the bow easier. And you wont fall on your head. A gallon more in the bow, just when you thought you had the highest looping boat and you couldnt get more volume in. The rockstar loops huge. The bow is a better shape that just looks sweet looking down it when in the boat. You can plug flat or dead vertical for the loop and yet it still launches you up there. Loops are also easier because it is an inch shorter, as well as mcnastys and phonix monkeys. One of the last main things you’ll notice. We gave it a little bit more bow rocker so that way you can take off higher for mcnastys and phonix monkeys. I have been going bigger than my everyday mcnastys in the rockstar and it just seems like all the improvements work together on a mcnasty. Spins easier into it, more volume launches higher, more kick rocker to help launch even higher, and the shorter boat to pull it through easier. I have been doing all my tricky woos, mcnastys, phonix monkeys, loops, EVERYTHING. Bigger, higher, faster, better. It seems like i told you what is better about the boat. But i havent told you what i think of it. ITS AHHHH!!!MAZING!!! (that was a rock note, i sang it on this side of the computer. But i cant put sound on the update unfortunately.)