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What to do the day after Christmas when you are in Las Vegas? Go kayaking!

We hooked up with Izzy Collett from Desert Adventures on a chilly overcast morning in Boulder City Nevada on December 26th and tested out the Journeys and brought along a Regal as well. We put in right below the Hoover dam and had no idea what we had in store. This environment is perfect to test out a boat.

The Journeys are so comfortable and easy to paddle. The Regal was no slouch either, it was a blast to leisurely paddle though such an amazing canyon. The water is clear and not too cold, with so many beautiful features to feast your eyes on.

We stepped out of our boats to climb into the CAVE, it was dark, narrow and very warm, which was welcoming, as it was a bit chilly, after all, it’s the day after Christmas! At the end of the cave was the spring that was hit when they were working on the dam. Our own private steam room was quite pleasant.

We paddled down the amazing Colorado river with huge smiles on our faces, as the clouds moved away, the sun was shining, Blue Herons around and you can see the bottom of the river though the crystal clear water. The Journeys proved itself as a comfortable and agile friend on such a beautiful river.


Izzy found the hatch covers to be just what they are looking for to stand up to the harsh conditions in the summertime, where temperatures reach 115°F, and tight enough to stay on when it gets windy. She was even able to store her large soft cooler full of yummy food for us to snack on, after we enjoyed the relaxing Arizona hot springs.

We were having so much fun that we were almost 2 hours late to get to the take out! Thank you, Antonio (our shuttle man) for your great attitude and patience. Luckily, there was just enough time for Izzy to try her stand up fishing legs on the Coosa Elite! What do you think Izzy, ready for some kayak fishing in the Black Canyon?

I’d like to give a special thanks, to Izzy, Joyce and Antonio from Desert Adventures for making this happen in short notice!

p.s. I should mention, Desert Adventures liked the Jackson Kayak Journey’s, Regal and Riviera, that they bought them right then for their rental fleet! If you are in Arizona, check them out. It is a cute and packed little shop, offering outstanding service and amazing kayaking adventures, just outside of sin city!