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The past couple weeks have been absolutely awesome. Boating has been incredible, with Worlds being earlier this year and the weather not being too harsh we have been getting on the water  almost every day.

The boys were kind enough to build us backstage hole and that sparked a whole new excitement when getting on the water here at Rock Island.

This hole allows us to practice more mcnasties, phonics monkeys, combos, and big air loops than boating any home spot has allowed us before.

I find being able to practice these harder moves at home in an easier spot is helping me get closer and closer to the boys. Now I still paddle with the guys every day and we coach each other so the boys get better everyday as well….. To help get closer I have been trying to do only moves I am not really good at or trying to go really big with the moves I can do. The combination of training with my new boat and doing hundreds of flying squirrels, I can now loop way bigger than before.

Nick was paddling super well only to bruise the labrum in his hip, we now call him gimpy and limps around the house. But he is very happy that he is healing quickly and is resting up for his big wave surfing in Uganda.

The past couple days have been ice cream headaches so I am getting even more excited for my adventure in Uganda to begin.

This will be my fourth time to Uganda and I am just as excited as ever.

We will be paddling everyday and I am hoping to get some hours on the silverback section as it will be a dry river on Feb 29th. Sad times!

When we are not boating we will be volunteering with Jessie Stone and Soft Power Health.

Happy Times just thinking about it!

I hope all of you have been having a great time kayaking wherever that may be and keep your eyes on the site for updates on our Ugandan Surfing and Volunteer Work!

Emily Jackson- Troutman