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You betcha!!!! Recently, I was invited to help ‘manage’ a private lake. Seeing as I have a taste for fried fish, and we had a 75 degree February day, I tossed on some shorts, loaded the Coosa and headed out. I so love the south.
Everyone should know by now that the Coosa is a good river fishing craft. I can tell you it isn’t half bad on the lakes. It was quite windy out there, so I was a bit anxious to find out how the Coosa would perform. I found that if I pulled the seat straps up and sat a bit forward, it was enough of a shift to overcome the volume in the nose of the boat. Even without being kicked back like a recliner, the seat was still way more comfy than the flat out seating position of most kayaks. My longer dragchain was all I needed to remain in the strike zone.
Enough about the boat, lets talk some fish. This lake is a hidden gem. Every stickup seemed to result in a hit on the Bobby Garland jigs we were chunking with the ultralights. Nice bluegill, and bass were more than willing to play as well. I am not a fish counter, but it was a pretty good number for the 3 hours we were there. I can not wait to get back out there on a warm spring evening with a flyrod and some big popping bugs.