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As many of y’all already know the Jackson Kayak Coosa boasts one of the widest standing platforms among fishing kayaks. In order to create such a wide platform certain structural features had to be implemented to add rigidity to the platform because plastic will otherwise flex when spanned over wide flat area. The structural features I am referring to on the Coosa is that the center of the standing platform is raised about 3/4″.

Since I don’t always face forward when fishing, and I like to turn sideways and backwards, I decided to modify the standing platform to make it easier to stand in those positions. Now, I could already stand sideways and backwards in the boat directly from factory, but this modification makes it even easier because it really ‘flattens’ the whole standing platform. Notice in the pictures below how this simple modification flattens out the standing platform.

The modification is simple. First, I bought some anti-fatigue foam mat (which is basically mini-cell foam) from my local hardware store and then cut it to fit in the Coosa. I then added some Gorilla Tape on the underside of the foam mats to secure them in place. That simple! While it’s not necessary, this simple modification is designed to make your Coosa standing experience even more enjoyable! Plus, the plush anti-fatigue foam is soft enough to pamper the ‘softest’ of kayak anglers out there, even guys that paddle pink kayaks!

I have now been able to paddle and fish out of the Coosa a few times now and this simple modification has been working very well. The foam mat has not been gotten slippery when wet, although I know some foam mats may. The foam mat weigh next to nothing so it doesn’t have an effect on paddling. I have paddled and stood in the Coosa with this modification using all different kinds of footwear and everything has worked well, even my bare feet in December! Ahhh, the pleasures of living in the south! Also, the Gorilla Tape has been holding surprisingly well and I haven’t had to replace it once.

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Pink drag chain leash courtesy of fellow Jackson Kayak Fishing Team members, Tim and Adam Parker. Thanks guys….I think! Haha!

Go catch that big one!