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I recieved my Daytripper 10 four weeks ago and had been dying to take it out for an overnighter. I lacked no less than two things: The weather to cooperate and a partner in crime. As fate would have it both came my way. The weather was starting to warm in the begining of February, and i stumbled across an old friend (Browning “brown sound” Headden) who shared a love for the river we call Duck, ( the most bio-diverse river in North America i might add) and we laid plans for a trip the second monday of the month.
As the day approached i began to realize he wasnt completely sold on my idea of taking a Kayak! He would be making the trip in a 10 foot john boat, (now for sale on craigslist) and was thinking he might have to carry some of my supplies for me. The day came and we met at the take out point. I had packed everything i needed for the night and next day into my Daytripper and was ready to roll… which was a little of a suprise to him. As we made our way over to our starting point we discussed how we were going to have to paddle to stay together as we were in two very different boats.The plan was to go about a mile and a half down stream and set up for the night. We put in and rounded the first bend onto anice straight stretch of river. He dropped his trolling motor into the water turned to me and said ” think you can keep up?”. He worked his way from speed 1 to 5 on the motor fully expecting to blow me away with each gear… then he ran out of gears and i was still out front. I think that was the first moment he started considering a kayak.
We got up to the campsite set up for the night and had a blast just being out on the river, cooking on the fire ( he made six of the best steaks i have ever eaten that night) and remembering old times, and discussing the benefits of kayaks vs. canoes vs. john boats.
Tuesday morning came and we set out early. His battery for the trolling motor ran out early and he was forced to take out the single blade paddle and make the most of it. Around 12:00 i was feeling sympathetic and offered to swap for a while. I think that was when he decided he would be getting a kayak. I ended up paddling his boat the rest of the trip just because i couldnt bear to cut short the joy his first time in a kayak was bringing him.
All in All it was a Fantastic first trip in my kayak and i cant wait to get back out there.

P.S. i think we’ll Have a new JK owner very soon!!!