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Carson City High School Health Occupations Stududents of America

This week I was asked to talk to local highschool students in a Health Occupations class about being an athlete with diabetes. I was nervous at first because they were highschool students and so much bigger than me, but I loosened up and had a good time. The students asked lots of questions and I had fun showing them how I check my sugar and insert a catheter for my insulin site.  I showed them one of of my videos so they could see what I do, then asked trivia questions and gave out Jackson DVD’s for correct answers. The kids looked very interested in what I had to say and I think they learned a lot and had fun doing it. They are hopin to raise $10,000 for Juvenial Diabetes reseach and I hope they beat their goal!


See the article here:
Educating Kids on Being a Diabetic Athlete