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While the weather here in Utah has been cold and snowy for some time, many students at Utah State University are taking time to break away from the ski slopes and the books to learn something very special, how to kayak. Andy Thunnel is the head instructor of Rapid Progression Kayak School in Logan, and also runs the kayak program at the university through the school. Every semester he takes three different groups of students through the class, teaching them everything from basic strokes to several kinds of rolls. Its always a fun time to go and see people getting excited about the sport, and even more exciting to see people pursue it. The fun series has been awesome for the school, with the ease of rolling and maneuverability, its the perfect boat to learn in. It just makes learning to kayak that much more fun! Here are some pics from the first class of the spring semester. If you are interested in learning to kayak and live in northern utah feel free to contact the school (info on the “learn 2 kayak” page), with locations in Logan and Salt Lake, but do it quick because spring is just around the corner!