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Mission:The Arrival.
Well it is in my nature to kind of be a bit unorganized.I have always had my wife to help me make good plans and set a schedule.I am sitting here early in the morning making plans and feeling pretty good about them.I will see how they work out but I have to say I am feeling pretty confident so far…….I have a great group, the K team and the B team.K is for Kurt Casey, my guide here. B team is for Billy.Kurt and the K team is anAmazing guy, first D’d most of Chile and an amazing resource for the group.He’s got all kinds of knowledge, stuff you just can’t know unless you live and have a family here.There isn’t another person I would want to have on our team.………
Loading up gear, drinking coffee with the father in law and just happy as hell to be here.It’s everyone’s first night and it worked out great.
Chucks Take

Well, I’m just finished breakfast and waiting for the official start of Day One. It thundered and lighteninged last night for a long time, which is very unusual for Chile, but we awoke to a bright sunny day with a predicted high in the high 20’s.Billy was up earlier than normal and stressed out as he has a right to be. It’s his first trip to Chile with clients, and he is bending over backwards trying to make sure that they are looked after properly. I am sure that it will all work out, and there will be hiccups, but everyone is working hard to make sure that this trip is a success. David, the owner the Pucon Kayak Hostel, is very accomadating. Kurt, the other guide is a fountain of knowledge, both about the rivers and local lore and legend. We have a mixed group of people with varying interests and backgrounds. Everyone is excited to get started, some with a bit of apprehension, but eager and ready to go. The K Team is off for a full day on a class IV. The rest of us are doing two short runs today. I am in the B Team and here to learn a bit and enjoy myself. So far, it’s been great, and I am sure that it will continue to be so.

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Mission :Arrival