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Mission.Chile, a wild shower scene and Oldies take!!
We should have flown out on the day we booked our flight out for.Toronto Pearson International shut down for 3 cm of snow, embarrassed to say I am Canadian that day.JKF flew most flights during the storm of the season….What it all boiled down to, was that I was snow bound in a small handicap room, one bed and no place to go for zero reason.…… I tried to have a shower with the sitting chair in the shower room with no curtain, who’s the clown that thought up that stupid system.I couldn’t even soap my own butt, for holding the wand.It had too much power to stay in the holder, which I found out during a fully clothed, warm up.I had water every-where, mirrors, me and not to mention that I almost killed myself getting up and down off the dumb chair holding the spray nozzle.
Gawd I am stuck in a room with the guy right now.He’s reading Martarese Circle by Robert Ludlum and no question at all that he found that book in a dump, green painters tape holding the spine together, dog eared pages from a million other readers of such dribble and a magnetic bookmark that has nothing to stick to, but joyously sets off the metal detector wand ever time.This stunt almost always holding us in the exam room forever while we search his belongings.Ultimately dragging me down with the steadily sinking ship.I can hear his old guts turning in the quiet din of our room at Pucon Kayak Hostel.Bifocals all tweaked for ample page coverage, and the slight hint of Bengay floating about the room.…… He’s got a book in his hand, he’s snoring his brains out.…… I admit, I am tired, grumpy and I want to go to bed too, its been 36 hours and 3 hrs of sitting sleep on a plane.
Chucks Perspective.
It is fun traveling with Billy, or should I say it is an adventure. I learned that you never count on what he says that he is going to do until the operation is in progress. Normally, it is Billy that causes all of the hassles in the airports, like carrying prohibited weapons through carry-on, etc. I thought we were off to a different start when we had our ticket agent almost laughing out loud as she finagled our seats so that we could sit together. She had her fun, and then ours began. Instead of Billy getting stopped, it was my carry-on searched for a non-existent bottle of water. In Santiago we had to switch planes, so we had to claim and transfer our luggage. After moving to the opposite end of the terminal and up three floors, and in the process of checking into our next airline, I noticed that my gear bag was missing. Three bags checked, and off we go backwards through the airport and customs, etc. Then back to check my mislaid bag and get our tickets from a non English speaking agent that couldn’t understand why 2 guys only had one bag to check. Then the airport metal detector,It detected something. Not sure what, maybe the magnetic bookmark in my purchased used book, not dump found, although my local dump does have a recycling table with lots of treasures. If you can’t leave with as much as you brought to the dump, it can be depressing! So after 3 tries, and removing my jacket with the book, we were off again. I also forgot to mention that while we were waiting for our bags, Chile has sniffer dogs roaming. Guess whose carryon was questioned, again. I had a bag of roasted, salted almonds in a pocket on the bag. These are trained food sniffing dogs. My dog at home is a food sniffer too, but she is self-trained. I had to re-write my customs form. The nuts were ok to bring in, I just had to declare them. After an uneventful flight and a 2 hr bus ride later, we made it to our lodgings. I was hoping to crash, but Billy wanted to go into town to run errands. I had to go with him to keep him out of trouble, naturally. Ten hours of sleep later, we have had coffee and are on the run again into town. The adventure is continuing!

On a mission with billy and th old boy

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Mission. Chile, wild shower scene and the Oldies take!!