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Mission: Headaches, traveling bands, breakdowns…. Classic mission….
Running a trip has a certain stress about it that comes from a place within I call my empathy curse…. I love making a trip go well and determining the outcome of the trip on my attention, work and determination……. The problem is I feel empathy, way too much of it…. I put my self in the position of every complaint, every mix-up every problem and when I am running the trip its everything that I can do to be sure that I am operating at my fullest potentia…. Not just to make people happy but to avoid the feeling of not doing a good job or worrying about a complaint…. The Trip has been awesome, loving It…. But its not always perfect.
My Suburban blew a wheel bearing yesterday…. Held us up for hours…. We suffered in the hot sun while eating a meal at a gas station, behind the gass station against a pile of bricks…. We ended up finding a cattle truck of all things, riding in the back of it in the less than glorious style of air-conditioned comfort we were growing accustomed too……. My head in my hands shaking back and forth silently saying, “why me” We picked up a bunch of guys on the road hitchhiking and Chuck got the guy to play in the back of the truck as we crept along at 40 kms’ per hours. We were sweating like mad, listening to this guy playing away, while I held him up so he could play without falling over.…… Its all turned out great, got everyone off the Trufel Trufel before a class 5 plus drop with no eddy’s, which stressed me out so bad I think that I may never get them to drop. But we made it back just fine, happy and tired.
I could say a lot more, just check out the photos…….. Special thanks to Dave for keeping an eye on the details running the place smoothly and keeping everyone happy.


Billy Harris no question on a mission.



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Mission: Headaches, traveling bands, breakdowns. Classic mission.