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Mission:People Noises and Patagonia
Huilo Huilo National Park.
I am sitting in the nicest hotel I have ever been in, or pretty close.I am parked right in the heart of Patagonia Argentina.This place is a pure, clean, friendly and amazing place.Carly and I came up over the divide between Chile, and Argentina in a rented 4×4.Green and lush at first, and into what looks like the arid dry landscape of Reno Nevada.I was looking back at the trip for the second time with a fresh eye during my drive.I was, and have always been a very lucky guy not for me but the people I collect around me.The people on my trip were the kind of people you want on any trip. The only somewhat disturbing part of the trip was staying with Chuck my father in law.Even being in the same building with him during his “morning constitution” was terrifying.Something about the cheese I think.It was kind of a horrible bonding experience I would wish on no son in law.You never know what your relationship with your in-law’s is going to be like until you see each other out of their element.Or worse, share a bathroom with them.A better example was when, we came around the corner on the Trufel Trufel Rio and I saw the take out eddy above a heinous drop.…… Super stressful day, hiked a person out with the guy who knew the run well and anyway,I pointed move left with my paddle, and my hand.Chuck just sauntered along smiling away….I snapped at him, “get your ass over there”.It was not my best moment; he scuttled toward the shore to my left. I am like everyone I want to be the cool headed guy in every situation, calm, collected, head on straight.But sometimes the stress gets to you and you crack.…… Its one of the reasons I am so happy with the people around me on this trip.I learned a lot about myself under stress.The people around me learned about me too I think.I am like everyone else imperfect and fallible .But with a little help from my friends I got to grow.I got to become better and for that minus the noises from the bathroom I did get better and I did get to grow. …
Special thanks to:
Jackson Kayaks for Putting money toward my trip.
Level Six for supplying me my gear and clothing.
Core Paddles for supplying me with my Amazing new paddle. (father in law too)
Salus for my PFD and Rescue Gear
Smith Optics for my eyes.

LT to right…. Chuck, Billy, Christo, Marie-Eve and a bit of Sandra.

David Owner of Pucon Kayak Hostel in his “Quincho”

Christo Greyling Huilo Huilo

Running the first drop on Upper Palguin (me) Billy

Lenny in the Cattle Truck, just smiling away as usual.

Wayne and Leah, Upper Palguin Run Last day.

The Indispensable Kurt Casey and the Dispensable Sandra the pain in my ass…

Another Fuy Valley Photo….

Louis being Louis….

Thanks To Everyone. Billy Harris

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Mission: People Noises and Patagonia