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Mission: Scared, Happy, Sad TRIP OVER.
Kurt Casey at Huilo Huilo falls hike day
Any man who knows a thing knows he knows not a dam thing at all. “k’naan”
It was a great trip for me.Not just cause our guide Kurt was the fountain of knowledge brillian at every turn, but because of the group. Chuck, my father in law surprising me with his whit and humor, and in so many other ways on the water.Wayne and Leah solid paddlers, and their own personal team that blended seamlessly with everyone else.The trip Piñata, Sandra, sticking in there for the duration, and getting all kinds of flack from me off the river.Louis a consummate pain in the ass, kept me on schedule and on the program. Every day he would keep the everyone in the group accountable for giving it all they got everyday.…… A pain a gift.…… Christo, who came on the trip found peace on a big waterfall run, as well as experienced a bit of what his son has come to know as every day life.…… Lenny, was just lenny.Perfectly timed retorts, surprisingly playful demeanor and just the kind of person you want at the end of a rope when the Crap hits the fan.As for me it was a tough trip in a way.I find my accountability for a persons experience to be a great weight for me to bear.Not just in terms of skill vs river.Any one can figure out what class a trip to run.I was responsible for finding a balance between pushing and hurting.Not just the body but the mind.I found that this is a balance that I can find, a weight that I now know that I can bear.Made easy with a little help from my friends.

Pictures speak now.Happy travelsHappy times.

it took 3 hrs to get a pizza here.

Louis, now known as “Swami Sahib”… Check out the budgie smuggler up front!!!!

Waiting for a Sockeye to run….. turns out the frenchy took the dip

Wayne, steady handed throughout the trip….

Looking back upstream on the upper fuy…. half way.

Kurt, being crazy……… usual.

french canadian boob grab, with scream

french vs english…. don’t mess with Princess Leah………. pipes!

The B-Team

Hot springs day….

Christo grabbin the Chuck for a cool falls drop at the hotsprings.

Cookin at the springs.

Frenchy…. being french.

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Mission: Scared, Happy, Sad TRIP OVER.