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Mission:Upper Palguin
This Run has scared me for quite some time.…… I am not worried about me, but my people.I have to manage the skills, the desire and the safety.All things that I find easy to do on a river I know.But I had not got to run the Palguin before the trip.I had to trust the word of my Friends, Dave Hughes and Kurt Casey.I trust them, but perspective has a fickle eye.We pulled out at 9am for the top of the river and put in on the land bridge.The Run was “SPORTY”.That’s my word for tough.It took them all to the brink.We didn’t have any swims, we had 3 popped skirts however all paddled to shore.I am going to let the photos do the talking but hat’s off to Christo for moving from B team to K team and doing it in style.


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Mission: Upper Palguin, fear and consequence