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Hi everybody !
I just want to share my experience that i got in TN!
Tenesse is one of my favorite place to go kayak and party!
My last 2 years i’ve been going there and Thanks to EJ and Kristine, Clay Wright and Tera to let me stay for days in their house.
Rock Island is awesome because you have epic waves AWESOME, nice waterfalls to drop and you always can be stealing food from the Jackson’s refrigerator and also EJ got a bunch of cold American Ales to drink after a nice day kayaking.
One of my nicest experience was paddle with EJ, Nick, Clay and Dane on the Suck creek awesome one.
I done 2 laps and the guys just done 3 is a nice class 5 run on the mountains in TN, i love it because the last part is very intense.
Clay was on fire that day flying in his boofs.
Just would like to share with everybody my amazing experience in TN, playboat, creek around there is all good.
Also we got to try the Villans which was brand new prototype just a nice boat fast, great volume.
Thank you guys to have me in Rock Island every year and provides such a good time and good kayaking.
from Ca
David Stefan which is from Brazil 🙂
ps: too bad that the pie place at rock island closed!
amazing chocolate pie