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I am heading back to the Nile river yet again. The four year break between my last visit was four years too long. Though it is nice to travel to different areas in the world it is also fun to ‘go back’ to some of your favourite places, and the Nile is one of mine.

I am heading out with Dane, Emily and EJ along with the Wright Brothers, Stephen and Clay. We will al be meeting up with our favourite Doctor, Jessie Stone.

The beauty of the White Nile is it’s variety. You can paddle small holes, big waves, huge rapids or calm, peaceful flat-water. We will be going to train for the World Championships yet again, though it is hard to pass up the Big Air from these perfect African waves.

I am super excited about this trip, to be back on the Nile, hang out with the local children, to train up, but most of all, TO GO HUGE IN MY NEW 2011 ROCKSTAR!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for photos and video from Africa, coming soon.