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In December of 2010 was relaunched with a brand new ‘skin’ and navigational system; one that allows us to add value to all of our web audiences.  Dealers included.  The new Dealer’s section has been launched with a good many of these value adds.  Some of this sections new features include:

  • Our new intuitive Find a Dealer system, complete with Google Map integration,
  • Our new listing of WW/Rec, touring and Kayak fishing,
  • Our dealer packets and forms (password protected)
  • New Dealer news
  • A full promotional video source,
  • A high resolution photo sources
  • A new Dealer Event form for you to submit your events (hosted and attended) into our calendar and to our marketing team
  • Our new polling system we’ll be using to keep you in the decision making loop.
  • A brand new email newsletter for Dealer Exclusive news and articles of interest.

The entire environment is built on a state-of-the-art content publishing system that rivals few in our industry, complete with document management, hooks into social networking initiatives and powered by a growing staff of marketing professionals.  Our traffic has already risen exponentially because of these new innovations and the marketing action of all our teams.  Very exciting stuff, all focused on selling our kayaks.

This new dealer source will continue to evolve as our new technology allows us to do great many things… you’re seeing only the tip of the proverbial iceburg.  We welcome all to post up comments to this article or contact us at Jackson Kayak with any and all suggestions regarding resources you’d like to see at this section.