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The Nile is Special – a whitewater oasis in a burning land. We are camping at the Hairy Lemon – an island below 2 amazing play waves, Club wave in the morning and Nile Special in the evening. The banks above and below are baking red-clay and smoke rises up from still-smoldering jungle coming down in the distance all around. But here on the Lemon – it’s paradise. Monkeys and snakes and otters can be seen on a daily basis. Birds of all sorts shapes and colors strut about like they own the place. Crocs and Hippos were banished from this part of the river long ago, thankfully for us, but there are plenty of bugs, snakes and parasites to keep us on our toes. Just a few miles upstream, a dam is in it’s final stages of construction and we are all heading up to ”Celebrate” the last run of a rapid named ”Silverback” – even though there are no gorillas here for miles. Plans for a dam downstream have all landowners on their toes – not to mention raft companies and paddlers.
The Nile is Special. We are enjoying the heck out of it while we can.

Clay Wright.