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Jackson Kayak team managers went out this past week and tapped into some of our key team members across the globe to get their testimony on how they are seeing the Villain penetrate the marketplace.  This type of outreach to our teams puts a valueable perspective on how the regional markets are benefiting from our boats and insite as to why folks are buying; it also returns some great ‘on the retail floor’ arguement when marketing and selling our boats.  We’ll keep these coming!

The Villain is an exciting 2010/2011 product for Jackson Kayak as it spans appropriate use into many sectors, including the vibrant beginner sector… as highlighted by some of our team paddlers.  Check out some of these interesting testimonials:

Heather Herbeck
“The Jackson Villain is the perfect boat for all levels of paddlers.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect beginner boat for a couple reasons.  One, the outfitting is incredibly easy to adjust as needed – just pull three strings!  And two, the Villain is easy to roll.  Knowing that you can roll your kayak is so important for continued, confident paddling.

As an intermediate boat, the Villain continues to perform.  It’s a great boat for every type of whitewater you enjoy paddling.  It maintains its’ speed to help drive through waves and holes.  And, is great at catching those waves for a fun surf session. 

The Villain shines with all its’ glory when I need it to perform.  Whether it’s big water, creeks or waterfalls, the Villain comes through for me.  I can honestly say that I, personally, enjoy the Villain for these reasons:  it rolls easy (which gives me more confidence), it’s fast, it boofs like magic, it rides high on the water so my edges don’t catch, and it has incredible secondary stability.  Basically, the Villain is everything I want in a kayak and I feel fortunate to be exploring many rivers in it!”

Chris Korbulic
“The stable platform of the Villain is the perfect place to start taking your first steps into whitewater and progress quickly and comfortably. From my first strokes in the Villain I could tell that the speed and stability would take me to new heights in paddling whitewater; from carving into an eddy to flying off a waterfall, it’s all easier in a Villain!

There’s nothing like the feeling of completing something you were worried about to look back and think, “well, that was easy.” This is what the
Villain is for. Anxiety about taking the next step in whitewater has been cancelled: the speed and stability of the Villain make the moves you’ve always dreamed about possible and easier. Gliding over weird currents and holes, the Villain practically took that step for me, and makes my dreams bigger and possible. I wish I had a Villain when I started paddling class V. Speed, stability, and the rocker to keep me on top of the water and shooting out of rapids upright makes the Villain the boat of choice that I wish came years ago!

When you think you’ve done it all and run everything you can, the Villain will open your eyes to new possibilities. When I’m in the middle of a huge rapid or international expedition, I know I can count on the Villain to be safe and pull through upright. The Villain carries weight so well that even when loaded with gear for more than a week, it still outperforms anything else.”

Jesse Coombs
“The Villain is a great beginners boat because it is tremendously stable and fast. The stability helps keep you upright and happy, and the speed of the boat makes getting where you want to go easier. There is no better boat for getting into kayaking.

As an intermediate boater the villain works great because of its volume and speed. The well placed volume of the boat makes it want to move through rapids and holes quickly and keep you out of holes. The speed also helps get through hydraulics quickly and makes those tough ferries and moves a lot easier. You will find that the Villian makes all your paddling easier.

When I am running class the villain is the only boat I want because it does everything well. Its length and speed make all the moves easier and keeps me on top of the hydraulics. Its volume pushes me through the holes and hydraulics quickly and upright. And it is amazingly nimble with good edges. This means I can move deftly through the hardest whitewater and pick apart the rapid catching all the right currents. This boat give my hard class five paddling a huge boost.”