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I have been so busy at work that the fishing has been get it while you can. Today was the first in 15 days that I have not worked so I loaded the Coosa’s into the truck and took the wife out with me for a few hours. The weather was perfect for paddlin but not so great for fishing. A front was due in after midnight and it had all but a few bass shut down. Water was so calm and clear that you could see down a good 12 feet with your polarized glasses on. Since the fishing was slow I took the time to have my wife shoot some pictures of me paddlin and fishing standing up in my Coosa. This is the first time to try this for a period of time. I will admit and the pictures bear proof that at 250lbs I could stand, fish, and paddle without feeling like I was going to flip. I will admit that it took some getting used to but the more you did it the safer you felt. With the lack of wind and lack of fish biting I looked back at one point and noticed that my wife had the rod in the holder and was kicked back reading a book that she smuggled aboard the kayak. All in all it was another great time spent on the water.

Enjoy the pictures.