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Alabama Mountain Games- More Fun Then Ever Before


The Alabama Mountain Games has always been a kick start event for me and helps get me fired up for the season to come. With a fun water fall event, boater cross, freestyle, and big trick contest, there is no shortage of kayaking events.

We flew in from Uganda the day before so jet lag got the best of us on the way over and we missed the waterfall event, made it in at 4am! We had to stop several times only to realize its frowned upon to sleep in your car when not in a campsite- yepp cops were called (thanks BP Gas Station!)

The morning kicked off with an amazing sunrise as I of course was on a totally different clock, coffee and sweet potato chips got me ready for the day.


I helped run the whole freestyle kayak event sitting out enjoying the amazingly warm (hot really) weather.  People were paddling awesome and I couldn’t wait for my turn. With several fantastic ladies in the eddy with me I knew I was in for a good time. My rides were good with phonic’s and mcnasties, even threw the biggest loops I think I have done in competition. Super cool! I am loving the advantage paddling the new rockstar has given me and I can’t wait to bring it to each event and compare my scores from previous years.

We ended the rest of the weekend with SUPing, disc golf and some great bands!

Thanks to everyone who made AMG one of the best year kick off ever and can’t wait to be back next year!

Here are the little results I know off the top of my head:

Jr Men:

1.       Dane Jackson (with the highest ride of the whole comp)

2.       Hunter

3.       Max

Pro Women:

1.       ME

2.       Hailey Mills

3.       Kat Levitt


Pro Men:

1.       Nick Troutman

2.       Jonathan Shales

3.       Clay Wright

4.       Mike T.  (Hailey’s Other Half)

5.       Mike Patterson


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