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Caja's big bass collage in Jackson Coosa!I took a quick glance at my upcoming schedule and realized that things are about to get busy so I need to take a day of fishing now while I have a chance!   A  quick call to a friend of mine, Caja Ormand, and sure enough we had a gameplan for this past Saturday.  He brought along his friend, and new Coosa owner, Darren as well.  So, the three of us set off for a fun few hours on the water.  I had an extra Coosa on hand for Caja to try out since he is looking at buying one soon anyway.  I figured this would only help him make the best choice in his future purchase and hopefully the Coosa would be a great fit for him as it has been for many out there.

I was busy getting some product shots on shore while the other guys set off across the river.  Not five or ten minutes later I get a phone call.  It’s Darren telling me to get over there because Caja has caught a nice one!  I was glad to be interrupted by a call like that!  Here is a nice photo of his approximately 4 1/2 lb largemouth bass!  He caught it on a white crankbait bumping it off of fallen timber in the calmer areas of the river, still adjacent to current.  That was the same pattern I was seeing a few days ago when I made the short trip with Andy Bell and it proved to be consistent again today.  Caja catches 4 1/2 lb bass his first time in Jackson Coosa

Now, finally I was on the water myself and was fortunate to land a couple decent two pound bass, but was still looking for that big one.  Well, all of the sudden my phone rings again and sure enough it is Darren and Caja calling from downstream saying that Caja had another fat one!  This time it was about a six and a half pound largemouth!  Caja caught it on one of his homemade custom jigs he recently started selling.  However, where the Coosa and these jigs make for the perfect combination is due to the fact that you can stand easily on the Coosa making it much easier for Caja, and all anglers, to flip and pitch their jigs.  “Flipping” and “pitching” are tactics that are essentially  done while standing.  Caja was a pro at standing and fishing his jig out of the Coosa right away, and the evidence is in the fish he was blessed with on this day!  Caja's big bass in the Jackson Kayak Coosa

A big congrats to Caja on his awesome catches on this day and thanks to another angler that is all about catch and release, Darren and I know right where those big boys are hanging out for next time! Catch and release in the Jackson Kayak Coosa!

To see all the photos from Caja’s big day in a slide show, click Caja’s Coosa Bass Slide Show