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I bought a Coosa a few weeks ago at Great Outdoor Provisioning Company in Cameron Village, Raleigh. I am currently 6′ 1″ and 270 lbs, but working on shedding some of my weight. I was looking for a great fishing platform for the local lakes, rivers and I believe I found it. I bought it without testing a demo model, I had read such great reviews by so many and saw the maxium capacity would handle my weight.
Yesterday, March 13th it was forcasted for over 70 degrees (fahrenheit) and I could not go another day without a “test” and some fishing on local Lake Raleigh. I was not disappointed. I stayed a few hours on the small lake and up the feeder creek. I was in the “high” seat level the whole time and it was very stable. I wish I could have caught more, but I did catch a small 10″ bass up in the creek. I was really surprised how I was able to go through some areas in the creek that seemed to be only 6 inches deep. .