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The Coosa is my first kayak. Upon first seeing the boat, the scupper holes had me wondering. I was not afraid of water coming up through the holes, but I was thinking how many things I might drop down the holes while fishing. When it comes to losing things, I am a gold medalist. I knew that I would need to come up with some way to temporarily cover those holes. I wanted something that I could remove if need be. My first idea was to cut a foam pool noodle into a couple inch sections and then shove them into the holes:

After cutting the pool noodle with a filet knife (don’t use a serrated knife as it will rip up the foam), I found that my idea looks pretty solid:

The foam fits nice and tight, but not so tight that I cannot remove them. Up next, is a modification to the standing platform. I plan to lay down a couple of pieces of traction tape.

I will keep everyone posted…………….send some warm weather my way…………….please.