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What better way to break in my new Coosa than fishing with family. My brother and I decided to tackle a local subdivision lake Saturday with goals of catching some fish and getting accustomed to the new boat. Here’s Jeremy practicing standing in the Coosa.


After some playing around, we decided to find a few fish. With all the rain we had received this past week(5+ inches), the water had a good stain to it. We tackled the clarity with rattletraps and spinnerbaits hoping the vibrations would find their way to a bass or two. Big fish of the day was this nice 2lb 2oz largemouth that came right off a boat dock.


All in all it was a great day fishing. I know the Coosa has many advocates for many different reasons, but allow me to give you two of my favorite attributes of the boat:

1. The height of the seat allows for a great hook set. Many times kayaks are so low to the water that a great hook set can be hit or miss. This isn’t the case with the Coosa. I had solid hook-sets on all five fish I landed saturday morning and it was simply because of the angle I was fishing from thanks to the “high-seat” position.

2. The roomyness of the Coosa is unmatched. Having previously fished in a sit-inside kayak, I loved being able to stretch out and relax instead of feeling cramped while I fished.

I’ll label my first trip in the Coosa a success and now that I feel more comfortable in the new boat, it’s time to get on some moving water! River bassing here we come!