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Emily’s Training Log #1 – Africa Training-Complete

We just got back from Training in Africa and my paddling crew consisted of Dad, Dane, Clay, Nick, Stephen and Jessie Stone. Now each one of these guys really know how to paddle and I felt like with every progression they progressed too… hard to catch up to the guys if they are always getting better! But this helped me to push myself even harder.

My training plan had me feeling a little down about my boating but the main reason was because I was spending the majority of my time only doing moves I couldn’t. This helped me broaden my list of moves but man did it take effort. I also learnt that trying lefty moves results in water up my nose most of the time- ouch.

My general goals for Africa were:

1.       Loop/ Space Bigger

2.       Work on my harder tricks to the other direction

3.       Cut down on set up time

4.       See what moves link into others the quickest with the littlest chance of messing the moves up

5.       Get as close to the men’s class possible

6.       Entry Move Better

7.       Bigger Air on McNasties

I felt like I accomplished each goal on this list to a general extent but always felt like I could do even better….

I got to come home only to compete the next day at the Alabama Mountain games and only then did I realize how much better a kayaker I have become.  I would have tied second place in the Men’s class and I got bigger air, more tricks and more consistent hard moves then ever before….

What a great kick off to the season. World’s Here I Come!

Emily Jackson- Troutman