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For those of you who haven’t heard, our beloveded Jackson Kayak Child (not so childish anymore) ran a 30 footer two days ago, only to land on a rock and break several body parts, to be exact, his back and pelvis- OUCH.  No serious nerve damage was done and Jason is regaining feelings throughout his legs.

He was with a great team of kayakers who managed to get him out of there using one of those one click spot on devices that dials 911- (its still took 4 hours)

I was an incredibly lucky person and got to speak to Jason last night and he seemed in the highest of spirits. Probably just excited to be safe, plated back together, and with his family…

He is in a great hospital and apparently is friends with ALL the nurses- (but of course)

There is a fund that has started in hopes of raising money towards Jason’s recovery and we hope everyone can at least send positive messages in hopes of speeding up his recovery time….

Accidents happen every day but having the right attitude can change the whole healing process, with Jason’s appreciate for life and his always positive outlook, he will be back together in no time.

Here is the link to the Facebook account focused on raising money for his recovery.!/pages/Jason-Craig-Recovery-Fund/202672366427897


Here is an article written on Jason from awhile ago if you don’t know who he is….|head

Happy Paddling to All and Be Safe

Emily Jackson