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The storms have arrived here again in Tennessee. For that matter, most places in the eastern U.S. have been hit as of late. All of the water brought with it some long overdue creeking, as well as a chance to hop in the new Rockstar L. At 6-3 180lbs, I had been toying with the medium, but finally decided on the large.

The first rides in my new Rockstar would take place at The New River Dries. Kevin Mather and I (a Cookeville local) headed to the great state of West Virginia as soon as we heard they were going.  The boat amazed me in just about every department. It’s much looser and faster… those were the first two things that I noticed. The speed actually allowed me to get passes on surgy waves that I hadn’t even thought of surfing at that level before. One one occasion I was even able to throw an airscrew on a wave that would only break about ten seconds out of every minute and was barely surfable (as seen in one of the pictures). Another aspect that suprised me was how big the boat bounced on a big wave. Every time it touched down from a massive bounce it seemed ready to go into orbit again. After every ride I was left with a big smile on my face as I realized the performance possibilities of this boat.

Here are some pics of my first few surfs in the new Rockstar L. After thinking about it again…. I believe I will have to jump in the car at daybreak and try and catch just one more session before they drop. When I return look for some more Rockstar pics as well as an update from a first d of a sweet little micro creek on the Cumberland Plateau that we got with the last rain.

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