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Me and my Rock Star[singlepic id=26115 w=320 h=240 float=none][singlepic id=26103 w=320 h=240 float=none]I am still flying high on my Rock Star M from Africa.    It is one of those times where you are so impressed and fired up with your new boat that seems to be an answer to all of your dreams, that the idea of having something else come close is hard to believe.    Well, the Carbon Rock Star is just that.   Kristine picked up Clay’s, Stephen’s, Ryan Whetung’s and my Rock Stars from the Airport.    Nick’s is on the way.     Each of us have a different color, and they look incredible.

Kristine surprised me with the Mini-Cooper look with the 80’s checkered hull (like my shoes) and the Norse symbol for “victory in competition” an arrow.     Red deck, black seams.  SICK!

My carbon All-Star was the prototype for the construction of this boat and while it was also very impressive, this boat is a work of art and engineering!

The hull has foam core in the middle 2/3rds and is super stiff.  The sidewalls along the middel have foam core, as well as several key areas of the deck.  The seams are re-enforced kevlar on the inside and perfectly laid down on the outside.

Swing weight is super low, entire boat is super stiff, and the boat just looks bad ass all the way around.

Notice the cool boat bags that you can get for it too!   Sweet Boat bag! These boat bags work well for plastic or carbon Rock stars, and are ideal for traveling, or just keeping the boat looking fresh.

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And a little video to get you fired up-