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Hello Friends!

So far we have been on the road for 34 days, we have traveled though many states and have heard many different accents.

We made it out alive from the Jersey Paddler Paddlesport show in Somerset NJ.
The weekend before the show, Somerset was a nice 75°F spring day, but the weekend of the show, it got very cold and snowed on Friday. With our down jackets on and hot coffee, we were ready for some company in the Jackson Kayak booth.

The show opened at noon on Friday and there must have been people lined up to get in, because we were fitting people in kayaks right away! The Coosa fishing boat was being drooled on…good thing it can handle a good amount of water! People were full of spring fever and the Coosa is a great way to start planning your fishing trips! Drew Gregory was there to give the first hand scoop on all this beautiful boat provides… he also participated in a kayak fishing panel and offered a seminar on “A Kayak Angler’s Guide to River Fishing” . The Rogue and the Journey were also perfect boats for the area. Many people told me they most frequented the Delaware River &  Bay for kayaking and these two boats are a perfect fit for this area!

The Journey with it’s slick comfortable features allow for an entire day on the water, providing plenty of storage and a tireless paddle. The Rogue is great for those times you want to play around in a smaller, lighter boat, dancing in some rapids, surf some waves and the easy to deploy spring loaded rudder, is a nice buddy to have along when paddling in some slower water, keeping you inline with your destination.

The open and very stable Day Trippers were also popular, for people looking for a chill day on some beautiful mellow water and bring the family pooch along! We had many people from all sorts of paddling backgrounds and some with none, but so ready to get into it. It was a blast to get excited for this kayaking season, but really kayaking season is all the time, maybe you have to drive there though ? 🙂

We had some stickers and chocolate, in which one kid responded to these offering with “Ahhhhh I Can’t believe it! I must be in heaven” Haha, just about kid, get your Pop to get you a Mini Tripper then you’ll have really made it!

We had a great time and the staff there was really helpful and very nice.

After packing up on Sunday, we started to make our way to Michigan for the PADDLEPRO EXPO 2011 in Ludington.

We stopped at Kayak Corral in Saline MI. and met with Dana & Jane to go over some product training. Their shop is lovely and is a true paddler’s shop, they have everything for your paddle sports needs and a great fishing section. These folks love the sport and offer such a great selection.


We are In Rochester MI. today training the staff at Summit Sports, then will head to their Lasing location.


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