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It’s still winter in the Sierras… and I mean WINTER. Tons of snow, high winds and recording breaking snow pack; which, by the way, is setting us up for an epic run-off.

While waiting for said run-off, I’ve been paddling between storms and getting out on my skis a bit too; even busted out  a few double days (skiing and paddling).

This weekend a solid crew of folks met at the whitewater park to usher in Spring…. Well at least try and convince mother nature it’s about time! It was cold but a couple of flips and you get pretty numb… it’s just that darn wind.

Anyhow, we had people of varying skill level: everything from hardcore mamas to veteran pros and then there was Colin Kemp making us all jealous testing out his new Rock Star L.

It was a day filled with playful smiles, first trys and big loops.

The only thing that could have made my day better…. is if I was paddling my new Rock Star. Don’t worry it arrived yesterday so stay tuned for another update!!!!

Thanks to the support crew for photos: Hope, Toby, Ty and Wy

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