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Jackson Kayak and Kiwi Dezignz moulded together – literally!!!!!

Seaway Valley kid runs his own business and Jackson Kayaks provides the marketing tool!

Kiwi Dezignz is a tiny business venture of Zachary Zwanenburg. This little company manufactures a nose plug for kayaking that blows the competition away. (wish I had a Kleenex to complete the image :) )

This year Jackson Kayaks offers the opportunity to have your own artwork added to your boat and the results are super cool. Zach is now the proud owner of a 2011 RockStar M. The boat colors are the colors of Kiwi Dezignz and the next time the kid throws a loop, kartwheel, blunt or whatever he chooses to do, people on shore will see his company logo on the bottom of his boat.. Now THAT is COOL!

Watch for the Kiwi Dezignz Jackson Rock Star at a play spot or river somewhere in Ontario or Quebec this year. There is only one like it and you know who will be ridding!

Zach and I picked up his new boat on Friday and words do not do the kids happiness justice so check out the pics!


Thanks EJ for making this possible!!!!

For info On jackson Kayaks go to

For info on Kiwi Dezignz nose plugs click here: Kiwi Dezignz