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What a trip it’s been!  5 weeks in Uganda has gotten me back in shape, and given me lots of time to work boating skills and ponder the mysteries of life :).  I had the opportunity to coach with the New River Academy for a week here, which was a blast.  It was great paddling with EJ, Nick, Dane, Clay, Emily, Trevor, Jesse, Tino, Lorrenzo, the rest of the NRA staff, the local NRE and Zen Tubing staff, and other friends from all over the world here on some of the best whitewater in the world.

This has been the perfect opportunity to get to know my new Rockstar as well.  I can honestly say that it’s the best boat I’ve ever had–It takes the massive leap forward of the 2010 All Star design, and has made subtle shape changes all around that equal a better boat in every way.  It’s crisper just surfing around, spinning and grinding are a blast, the extra hull speed is addictive, the 2 extra gallons in the stern make cartwheels and all hole tricks more balanced and more retentive, I just can’t say enough about it.  To make matters even better, I just found out that our first shipment of composite Rockstars are in the USA!!!!!    I can’t WAIT to paddle mine 🙂


Enjoy the photos!  Most are mine, but shots of me were taken by Tino, Eric (the young buck), and Kai-wen.

Signing off from NRE in Bujigali Falls Uganda, Africa,

Stephen Wright

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