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Finally had some time to take out my newest Coosa and do some paddling and a little fishing. The temperature was nice and the power boats were out in force. This section of the Guad is located in the town of New Braunfels,TX and is a pleasure to fish and paddle. You have to be aware of the boats as it is narrow and you become hard to see while sitting on the water. I always make sure that my PFD has reflective strips built into it like the one I wear from Onyx Outdoor gear. Another way to be noticed is to fly a flag. Instead of the flag I use Rod Gloves over the rods while they are in the holders. This is another way to stay visable.

The fishing was slow but nevertheless fun, a good day fishing beats most things anyway. I ended up catching a couple of fish but I had more fun being approached while on the water wanting to know about the Coosa. The reason they came over was due to the height of the seat and the seat itself. Looking forward to getting out on the water next weekend as I take a trip to the marsh in Louisiana to chase some big redfish. Just have to watch out for those gators.