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Just finished writing a long review of the Villain in french on my website. I’m putting an english resume for those who can’t read french. You can also use an online translation site like google to have the full article translated.

When the two models came out last year, I didn’t know which one order for myself. I was used to paddle the “big” 80 gallons models but at the same time, with my 5’10” / 170lbs, I’m not the heaviest on the river. So I ordered a Villain S and I paddle it all summer last year. This winter, during my trip to Mexico, I ended up paddling the Villain and loved it has much has the Villain S. Facing the dilemma of which boat is best for me, I came up with the following comparison.

The Villain S is fast and it’s really easy to go from one edge to the next. I can also really dig the edge in the water to make it do what I want to do when I want to play in the water. It’s the ideal boat for racing and when the water is low and I want to play down the creeks slalom-style.
The Villain is also fast but for me it sit more higher on the water. It’s very forgiving but I need more pressure on the edge to make it react like the Vs. That’s what 13 gallons more do to you! It will be my boat of choice for this big water spring, first D/waterfall when I don’t what to worry about that edge catching and expedition.

So in the end, the Vilain series is the best creekboat I ever paddle, and about the sizes if you’re my size… if you don’t want to float without worries, take the big one, but if you like it sporty, take the small one. But give a Vilain a try you’ll love it.

You can have access to the full french review here:
Jackson Vilain S vs Jackson Vilain, une critique d…: “…je me suis questionné longtemps sur quels modèles commandés! J’étais habitué de pagayer des…”

Patrick Levesque