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This past weekend at the NOC was a huge gathering of 68 compeditors to duel it out in the 2011 NOC Freestyle Shootout!  See EJ’s post for complete results…

The freestyle competition was filled with tons of huge tricks, laughs and good times!  I spent most of my time judging all the action at the NOC Wave with my faithful scribe/wife (Jennifer Bradley) under the judge’s tent.  A big shout out and thanks to Justin Owen as our head judge of the event!  He did an awesome job!!  I would also like to sincerely thank our other judges & scribes who done a fine job at keeping the event running smoothly:  Shayne Day, Candice Day, Duane Gibson, Justin Kleberg, Tommy Clapp, Angela Clapp, & Charles Armentrout.

The freestyle competition was not the only fun going on during the weekend at the NOC!  Their was free boat demos from the NOC, big gear sale, dance competitions, stand-up paddle boarding, concerts, ERA put on a great event at the Nantahala Falls, local river & creek runs with all the rain and smiles all around!  Several folks I talked too after the event were super excited to try out all the new designs from Jackson!  Check out the big smile and fun from Jack Killman trying out a new Rock Star!  

Check out all of the great photos from the weekend by Cheryl Killman by clicking on each link below:

NOC Shootout Album 1 April 2011 

NOC Shootout Album 2 April 2011

NOC Shootout Album 3 April 2011