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My story??? Hmm… OK. I have naively blundered through trying all sorts of kayaks. I cluelessly bought a kevlar squirt boat off of Ebay to start things off. Why? Pure ignorance! I never even saw a kayak before that but thought it might be fun. For a paddle I duct taped 2 old wooden canoe paddles together and headed out alone of course sporting a nice pair of jeans and a winter coat. Yeah, winter. Yeah, that guy!

That was a long time ago now and I have come a long LONG way! Probably 10 or so whitewater boats later and a friend told me he was buying Jackson All Star. I looked up only to decide within an hour that I needed one too.

WOW! It ended my habit of buying kayaks right there. Someone finally got it right I thought! The performance, the comfort and most of the huge gain in confidence that occurred paddling it. I sold most of the rest of my fleet that I had populated my garage with. I caught less flack from friends about my collection. For a playboat, this was/is it for me. Thanks! I will be ordering another as soon as can I wear this one out!