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Carbon All Star Review!

I got my carbon All Star for a Christmas gift this year and so far it has definitely stepped my boating up to the next level.


When I got it, I was super stoked and decided to drive to Rock Island, 17 hours south of Ottawa, to give it a test run. The first thing I saw was is the beautiful shine! It will always get you noticed when you are out on the water. The second thing that blew me away was that its only weighs about 20 pounds, so long walks to the water with a heavy boat are a thing of the past. You don’t even notice that it’s on you shoulder!


When I first hit the water, I knew it was going to be a totally different experience. There was almost no weight to it when I was flipping it around in flat water, and the ends felt like they didn’t even exist. The first time I surfed was on a 2 foot tall wave, I could tell that it was going to take some getting used to. The first move I tried was a blunt. I put all the same force that I would normally use in a plastic boat, causing me throw the biggest blunt ever it caused me to dramatically over rotate and eat it.


The key difference with this boat is its CARBON construction! This means that it only weighs 20 pounds, which decreases the swing weight by a lot. This translates into much easier spins, more snap on your moves and a much more retentive boat. It holds its shape far better than plastic boat. When you plug you a loop in a plastic boat, you can feel the boat flexing. When this happens you are losing volume, which means you won’t get as much pop. In the carbon boat though, there is almost no flex, so you will just go BIGGER! The carbon finish is super smooth which translates into a faster surf whether it’s a front surf, side surf, even a face surf. The new seat sounds simple. It’s a 1” piece of foam directly on the bottom of the boat, with a Happy Seat 200 on top of it. No need for a center bean to hold the shape of this bad boy! I find this seat to be incredibly comfortable.


After I toned down the power on my moves and wrapped my brain around the speed of this boat I started to go BIGGER, FASTER, BE MORE RETENTIVE, WITH LESS EFFORT. Who could ask for anything more! EXCEP THE CARBON ROCK STAR!!!

Here is a video featuring the Carbon All Star lighting up inner city!!!.