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Finally a major breakthrough in paddles!   The Lightning Custom Rides paddle is not a facelift on a normal paddle, but a whole new technology for paddle manufacturing brought to market!    Using foam/composite pressure molding, just like snowboards and skis are made, these blades are unique, strong, and a refreshing upgrade to an industry that has seemed to stall out in terms of innovations over the past 15 years. 

There are 4 designs to choose from-  Canada Flag, USA Flag, Chlorophyl (very cool leaf looking design) and Thunder/Lightning.    I am using the USA flag as we are getting down to the final stretch before the World Championships where I am a member of the USA Team.   I will be dressing in Red/White/Blue for team USA this spring through the World Championships in June.     The USA Flag Custom Ride is perfect for me to sport the American Flag for these coming months.   The Canadian flag is also a sweet design that I am sure we’ll see Nick and other’s in photos very soon!

The weight of the Custom Rides are coming in right at the same weight as the all carbon blades/shaft making this a great option for those wanting a lightweight, yet durable paddle.

The way these paddles wear is different from the glass or carbon paddles.    While the carbon paddles get worn down quickly, the custom ride construction can get some dings and minor wear, but hold their shape WAY better than glass or carbon.  This is the biggest advantage of the Custom Rides over the industry standard construction of carbon or glass.     

Check them out here, or ask for them at your local dealer!