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On a bright warm April day, I joined two new Coosa owners for their first trip in their new boats. The target for the day would be Coosa River carp on the fly. The fish were everywhere today, but unfortunately due to the coming spawn, they didn’t seem to have eating on their minds.

The wind was up today but the Coosa handled it fine. I was very pleased to see that this boat lacks something that my last kayak had. There is no hull slap. I found it easy to slip up to fish unannounced. Standing and fly casting was a breeze. I did make a mistake that I need to fill everyone in on. If you reach way out to net a heavy fish, bring the net to the boat before lifting.

Both of the new Coosa owners finished the day, pleased with their purchase. One had never stood in a kayak before, and he spent more time up than down today. The other is a big guy like myself, and he also had no issues. Both commented about how nice the seat is, and how good they felt after 5 hours in a kayak.

If you aren’t a member of The Coosa Nation, what are you waiting for?