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We had a great time in Florida (Jory at Florida Paddle Sports treated us well)… we ran those Coosa’s through the ringer and they performed magnificently.  The boats answered a lot of the things that the Daytrippers needed.  I’m gonna feel really confident putting my clients in them this season.  I’ll be putting together a story with pics for you guys in the next couple days.

Being based out of Sanibel for a couple weeks I noticed that many guys have to have two boats to handle the inland water way flats.  Most have a big 400 horse boat and then, if they fish they have to have a flats boat.  It gets spendy.  We were able to run with the big boat and then unload the kayaks to get into the flats and mangroves… often times better than the fishing guides.  Just thought you might have another marketing angle.

I picked up my Coosa’s yesterday and will be working with Chuck at Alpenglow to help do some promotion work.  I’m starting to plan a travel calendar for the summer and would love to help Jackson some more.

Ed Anderson