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Here at Strongwater Paddle Sports, we often have customers ask why cross link vs. linear plastic. It’s pretty simple when we pull out our demo boats and have them take a look at the hulls. Our demos get used and every single one of them still has a flat hull-that’s saying something. We have a Monstar demo that’s probably been used by over 75 different people and the hull is in perfect shape. Cross Link is simply stiff, durable, light and if you do dent the boat it can straighten out by simply placing the boat in the warm sun. Plus with the JK cross link boats you get awesome outfitting and a 3 year warranty. Also remember you may want to sell your used boat some day and a flat cross link hull is going to hold value a lot longer then linear. Pretty much a no brainer-cross link all the way! Hope to see ya on the water soon:::