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Well I bought a SOT kayak and used it all last year knowing in the back of my head I should of bought the Jackson Daytripper. After all winter thinking about it I decided to get the kayak I wanted from the first time I saw it and test paddled it. I ended up finding a local dealer that actually had a slate color Daytripper Elite 12 in stock so I jumped on it.

A few weeks go by and the weather was finally decent and I took it out fishing for the first time. Man what a pleasure it was to have tons of room, comfortable seating, and the DayTray. The day tray was an amazing feature that I used all day fishing. I can’t say enough good things about my new DayTripper as I don’t have enough words to cover it all. All I can say is I’m glad I went with my gut and bought this kayak for the 2011 season. After using it one time I know its going to be a great year and many more years after that.

If you looking for something outside the box and a little different give the DayTrippper a try as you won’t be disappointed. I know the new Coosa is the hot fishing yak but the DayTripper is a great alternative for fishing with alot of room and more versatility IMO. Jackson hit the nail on the head with this kayak.