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After much deliberation, and getting my butt kicked by just about everyone in Africa and now back here at Rock Island, it seems it is time to hang up the goal for world dominance in kayaking and just be a businessman.  

While I am predisposed to get fat and become an alcoholic without the drive that comes from being an athlete, I finally found out that I can use my love of frisbee golf at a replacement and do some local competitions for that, instead.   That should keep me fit enough for what I need to do on a daily basis.   I will still kayak sometimes, but I really don’t enjoy just going out that much unless I am training and competing.   I do love fishing and am sure I’ll run the river here in my Coosa and fish some too.

Bud American Ale wants me to focus on other stuff more anyhow.    Can’t drink beer in a whitewater boat.

It was a great run while it lasted, but it had to end sometime.  I am not getting any younger.   So, don’t worry you kiddies in the freestyle kayak world- there is now one more open spot on the podium!  No longer are you just competing for two open spots.  the little spot that says “EJ” on it, normally on the top, but sometimes on the box that says 2 on it is now open for grabs.  Go get it!