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Literally some of the best money I have recently spent has been buying the GoPro HD Hero action sports camera. The camera shoots in full 1080P which is no less than incredible above water, but underwater, the wide angle lens distorts the picture. I came across an easy, quick, cheap fix to fix this after doing some research when my brother emailed me a video comparing stock lens vs a modified one. The replacement lens I chose is made by Mako Spear Guns and costs about $25. All you have to do is get a 5/64” Phillips screw driver and swap out the stock lens for the flat one. The flat lens will give you a narrower field of view, but the difference in underwater quality is night and day! I plan on leaving the stock wide angle lens on the camera I leave running on the back of my Coosa and then have my second GoPro rigged with the flat lens to do various other filming, including ALL under water shots. The quality of video with the flat lens above water is no different than the stock lens, so no worries there. I should have some clear water fishing videos to come soon, I will be fishing the flats of Ascension Bay, Mexico (south of Playa Del Carmen) for Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit on Saturday (4-16) and then next week (4-20) I’m taking a four day trip down to the ultra clear waters of the Devils River here in Texas!

Check out my video to see the difference in underwater video quality.

Brady Sullivan