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My wife got me into kayaking when I was 49-YOUNG I have had more boats in my 12 years than she has in her 25 + years [ she let me know about it too]
Some of my favorite boats were fromWavesport ; when EJ was there and him and Knight were helping design.
When EJ went and started Jackson kayak and the FUN came out ; I couldn t wait to get one.
The 1st Demo Fun 4 came to Winston Salem NC IN 2003 and I couldn t wait and got it as soon as I try it out .
I love to demo boats and I still do [ ask the wife ] but my Fun 4 is my boat and I still am in love with it .
What ever rivers I do ; the Fun is always there ; It Fun to be on the river ; but more Fun to be in my Fun.
Thanks EJ