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I could be a grandmother if my adult kids would cooperate, yet I learned to kayak just a little over a year ago. My 2011 Hero is so stable, I feel like I would have to really try to make it tip me over. It is very forgiving and since I don’t always know what I’m doing, that’s a very good thing!

I am in love with the 2011 Jackson Hero! It is a safe, stable boat that will take you from beginner to more advanced levels and everything in between. The wide design makes it stable and the planning hull and edges make it super fun to paddle. It carves turns, spins on a dime, catches eddies, and handles rapids without problems. Overall, it is a safe design that is easy to roll and friendly for novice paddlers. It has become my favorite boat and if I could choose only one kayak to paddle, the 2011 Hero would be it. It is definitely the most fun all-around boat that I have ever paddled.