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I love the Villain, plain and simple.  It is so fast I find myself focusing farther ahead and getting where I need and want to be with confidence.  I know I can make the tough moves because the bow stays on top of the mess and the speed moves quickly over what ever is in my way.  When I need to move past and through a big hole I just dig in with a few hard strokes, take a strong boof stroke at the right time, and let the Villain’s speed and volume take care of the rest.  I recently did a tough river with friends, and I literally skipped away from the recirculating current because of the Villain’s speed and volume.  Plus the edges and stability of this boat mean I am comfortable and stable and thinking about my lines, not about corrections.  I get the best of both worlds in the Villain with tons of speed and safety and still can maneuver easily like a race car on the river picking out and hitting all the eddies and currents.  With the Villain underneath me, I have the confidence to take my kayaking to the next level!

Jesse Coombs