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It all started after turning fifty years old and reading an article on average life spans of women in Canada. It appeared that over half my life was over and I was on a steady decline to the inevitable. Besides, I already had 2 grandchildren (I now have 4).

My husband has been kayaking for a few years and really enjoys it. He paddles a 2010 All Star and a Hero. I was shuttle bunny for many of his trips. I think this suited him just fine. You can imagine his surprise when I said “Honey, I think I would like to take up whitewater kayaking.” Other than the fact that I could barely swim and was terrified of water, I thought this was in realm of possibility…so I had a lot of catching up to do.

After my first surfing lesson, last fall, with Chris Ryman, I decided playboating was something I could really like. Yup…got my brand new 2010 Star from Endless Adventure, in Canada. I couldn’t be happier. I decided to paddle it first time out this Spring, rather than be in my “safe boat” which is my Little Hero. I get a little complacent in my Hero as is runs mostly everything I have paddled quite easily.

Well the Star surpassed any fears I had about riving running in this tiny little boat. It was amazingly stable and it is the easiest boat to roll I have ever paddled. I call it my “ergonomic boat.” The new knee placements are much more comfortable than the 2009 Star I paddled previously.

Soooo…on I go to the river trying all the moves I’ve seen on the DVD’s over the winter. Wow, I am still the Gong show I have always been, but I have been able to roll back up every time. Here are some of the new moves I have invented.

– Stern Blurp (this is where you dive your back end down on an eddy line and then fall backwards onto your head)
– Donkey Blip (this move is something similar to being bucked of a horse)
-Double Thump (dive your front end down and once again fall onto your head)
-Loop Bloop (this one I have totally mastered. Dive your nose into a hole, lift your arms above your head and do half a loop. Once again landing on your head!)
– Mc “Real” Nasty (I can’t really describe this one too well other than it has a similarity to an epileptic seizure)

You are all probably wondering when I will come out with my new DVD including all the new moves. LOL

Anyways, I may not be the most stylish paddler around, but I’ll tell you this much… I can’t wipe this stupid grin off my face. Thanks JACKSON KAYAK!

“Life begins at 50.” WooHoo!!!