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We use Jackson Kayaks here at OKS. We have a selection of many different Jackson Kayaks but the Fun’s work best for beginners and more. On the Ottawa River, we have the luxury of having one of the warmest, friendliest rivers on the planet. This location, combined with some great instructors and programs makes learning to kayak at OKS one of the best in the world. Even if you are a veteran whitewater kayaker, there is always ways to improve your skills or learn a new trick here!
We find when some people come to OKS, they aren’t sure what to think when they see their kayak for the first time. The initial concern is that the kayak may “look” too short. They wonder if they will be able to fit or to get in or out of it easily. When we take the time to introduce them to the Fun Kayak, their minds are quickly at ease.
There are many reasons we like to teach with Jackson Fun Kayaks…


  1. Comfortable Sizes is a big reason. People come in many different sizes from kids to adults. So do Funs. With Fun 1, Fun 1.5, 2 Fun, Fun, 4 Fun, and Super Fun, there are six sizes to choose from. We have them all.
  2. The Cockpit of the Fun makes getting in and out of the kayak easy. That is a good thing when you are beginning to kayak.
  3. The Funs are easy to empty the water out of. If you happen to get water in the kayak, there are strategically placed holes in the cockpit rim that help you get it out.
  4. Outfitting is great including Happy Feet to ensure you get a proper, comfortable fit every time. The Funs also have adjustable seats and hip pads and back band support to ensure you have comfortable contact points.
  5. The Fun feels Stable. When you sit in the kayak in the water you feel balanced.
  6. The Fun series is easy to roll. Rolling doesn’t seem easy at first, but the Fun kayaks feel like they almost try to help you.
  7. Funs feel very balanced on edge. The design and volume of the kayak help to make you feel balanced when on edge.
  8. The Fun design is great for learning to run rivers but also great to experience your first surfs!
  9. The Fun is a kayak you can expand your abilities with. The fun is not just great for beginners but also for advanced kayakers.
  10. The Fun kayak is durable. It will hold up to a lot of use and abuse with no problems.

We are very happy with the performance of these kayaks and we’re confident you will be too.
Happy Kayaking and we’ll see you on the river soon.

Photos by Tim Martin